Brevin Tilmon
PhD Student
University of Florida

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I'm a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida, where I am advised by Sanjeev Koppal. I am also a part of the Florida Optics and Computational Sensor (FOCUS) Lab. My research focuses on computational photography, computational imaging, computer vision, and machine learning. Specifically, I design and build computational cameras for extending traditional imaging capabilities. My recent work focuses on simultaneously adapting resolution to regions of interest.
  1. FoveaCam: A MEMS Mirror-Enabled Foveating Camera
    Brevin Tilmon, Eakta Jain, Silvia Ferrari, Sanjeev Koppal
    IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography 2020
  2. Paper / Demo / Bibtex

  3. A MEMS-Based Foveating LIDAR to Enable Real-Time Adaptive Depth Sensing
    Francesco Pittaluga, Zaid Tasneem, Justin Folden, Brevin Tilmon, Ayan Chakrabarti, Sanjeev Koppal
    arXiv 2020
  4. Paper / Webpage / Bibtex

  5. Design and Calibration of a Fast Flying-Dot Projector for Dynamic Light Transport Acquisition
    Kristofer Henderson, Xiaomeng Liu, Justin Folden, Brevin Tilmon, Suren Jayasuriya, Sanjeev Koppal
    IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging 2020
  6. Paper / Bibtex

  7. Novel Approach of Wavelet Analysis for Nonlinear Ultrasonic Measurements and Fatigue Assessment of Jet Engine Components
    Gheorge Bunget, Brevin Tilmon, Andrew Yee, Dylan Stewart, James Rogers, et al.
    American Institute of Physics 2018
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  1. IEEE Robotics Competitions
  2. As president of our IEEE robotics branch at Murray State University, I led the design and implementation of fully autonomous robots leveraging 360 degree lidar, cameras, and computer vision that competed in the 2016-2019 IEEE SoutheastCon Hardware Competitions. We consistently placed in the top 20% of schools. Our team was fortunate to be funded by NASA grants due to our performance and outreach activities to surrounding schools.
    Video (2019) / Code (2019)